What we believe

Family, Church, and Community Life


Celebrate - Open for anyone 

Thursday: 7pm

Sunday: 10am

YouthGroup - Grades 6-12  

Thursdays 6:30 to 8:00


KidsJam! - Grades K-5

KidzJelly!- Toddler/Pre-K

Sunday: 10 am



KidzJam is "virtual" this month! Click here for some fun! Contact KidzJam for Activities and Devotions

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February's Verse


And we love our Littles in Kidz Jelly!!

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Brookville Bible Church Services


Brookville Cares about Holbrook. We are “FOR Holbrook,” because Jesus is “FOR Holbrook." Our goal is to be a church that greatly benefits the Holbrook area. We genuinely want to help, care and be a blessing without anything in return. We want to build lasting, real friendships galore. We’re always on the lookout for needs and opportunities in Holbrook and so we can work to meet them.

Would you like to help us?


Most often we do all this organically and simply, one-on-one, or rolling up our sleeves and joining community efforts already out there begun by others. Find your own niche, let us join you, and together we’ll make the Holbrook area a stronger community.


You'll get to know a Brookviller as you work beside him or her to make Holbrook a better place for all. This might raise the question for you, “What gives? Why is Brookville so invested in our community even though they really aren’t looking to get anything out of it for themselves?” Trying out a Connect Group is an excellent way to answer this question while building the friendships we need to thrive and survive in the yin and yang of everyday life. 


In Connect Groups we get to be more real than we ever could in the Weekend Gathering on Sunday morning. Bottom line, it's in Connect Groups that we start to grasp the good God has for our lives.

With us
Sundays at 10am
Thursdays at 7pm

We get together, all in the same place, every Sunday morning at 10:00am, to Celebrate and be thankful for what God is doing. For about 60 minutes those who wish have the opportunity to have a conversation with God himself by praying together and singing songs to him together, then hearing him speak to us through our Weekend Topic. Would you like to belong somewhere without politics or expectations or strings attached? You’ll find that here.

Your kids 5th grade and below will enjoy their own Celebrate conversation with God and their own Weekend Topic … and it will be right on their level, and adapted to their learning style!

We like to go where few dare to tread.

Our Weekend Topics last for about 30 minutes, often involve some interaction for those who wish it, and focus on major questions, hangups, and sticky spots in our relationship with God. Afterward, take a free easy-to-read Bible and continue your investigation at home.

Upcoming Events


We have one of the largest, most versatile, and most usable spaces in Holbrook, with a large parking lot too. As part of wanting to strengthen Holbrook with no motive but to simply Care, we want you to use our property. We have a few filters we apply just to make sure that it’s all targeted toward Caring for the Holbrook area, and we usually offer it for free! 

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Shawn Keener

Lead Pastor

I love to match people’s God-given gifts and talents with their work, and inspire them to do it with joy. God is at work in the Holbrook area and South Shore, and our desire at Brookville is to be right in the middle of that. Do you want to volunteer with us? I'm passionate about building teams to bring Jesus to Holbrook and about networking with anyone and every church who will let us join with them to do it. The churches of Holbrook are already sharing and collaborating to model and reintroduce vibrant, self-less Christianity to the Holbrook area.

(781) 767-0217

871 S Franklin St, Holbrook, MA 02343, USA