• Shawn Keener

Where Are You Going?

I'm working my way through the Confessions of St. Augustine right now, a famous work from one of the church fathers, written around 385AD. He says this about our constant struggle as Christians with the desires we have: “Where are you going on that steep, rough road? Where are you going? The good that you love is from him, but only inasmuch as it’s directed back toward him is it good and sweet. Otherwise it will turn bitter, and rightly so, because it’s not right to love whatever is in him while abandoning him.” St. Augustine is saying that the fruit once take from the tree turns to foul rot, unless in praise and joy it is eaten with eyes upon the Creator, because in him it has its life and without him it is instantaneously ghoulish. What are some desires I have that cannot possibly be directed back toward him, indicating their hopelessly corrupt nature? How can I have a higher view of desires I might be too hard on myself about, desires that are from him, can be directed back toward him, and are fulfillments of the desire with which he made me? What do you think?


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