• Shawn Keener

What Time Is Your Mass?

“What time is your mass?” This is a verbal faux pas I hear often and just skip right over. “10:00 every Sunday. Of course, you’re always welcome! We’d love to be there with you.” In New England, especially, the difference between Roman Catholic church and non Roman Catholic church is confusing for most, and for some a sharp distinction. It needn’t be either. For most of the years since Jesus was born and died and rose from the dead, we were all one big-tent church. It’s only been the last 500 years that there has been any distinction between churches. The downside over these last centuries was countless divisions in the church, but the upside was an evangelistic, on-mission emphasis that had been mostly missing in the church since the early days after Jesus’ resurrection. (This really started to change with the Great Awakening). Simply put, any church that points to Jesus as the Son of God, the only way to oneness with God, and the Almighty God with authority over all things, especially our lives … any church that is stating that is a vital part of the Bride of Christ, the timeless and universal church of Jesus. This is the one thing, the only thing, that unifies every church into one, however different from one another they may be. And every church that is “doing its fair share” is a church that is serious about spreading this Good News near and far, no holds barred, spare no expense, at all costs. This is the church. She makes God smile. She’s his plan A and there is no plan B.

Some of my inspiration for this entry:

John 14.6 - 1John 4.1-4 - Acts 4.12 - Matthew 28.18; Ephesians 4.5

The American Evangelical Story: A History of the Movement , by Douglas A. Sweeney


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