• Shawn Keener

There Is Nothing New Under the Sun

I’m reading an article in my seminary’s academic journal entitled, “A New Definition of Puritanism: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach.” Simply riveting, wouldn’t you agree? As I’m reading it, I’m reminded with joy and exhilaration just how wonderful the things are that God is doing through Brookville. We think of ourselves as trend-setters here, and on-mission to a fault. And we are! But do we realize how true it is that “there is nothing new under the sun” … even here? Next Christmas will mark the 400th anniversary of the Plymouth landing. 400 years ago the Puritans refused to be separatists, refused to pull away from society. Quite the opposite of how they are generally stereotyped, their determination was to transform society from within by the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through them as they went about their daily lives. Sound familiar … maybe like the "Brookville Pathway" of Care-Connect-Celebrate, anyone? As Christianity Today recently reminded, “The church must be a way of life, seven days a week, that engages the world with the gospel.” Truly we stand on the shoulders of great men and women of the faith as we work to reach a modern New England culture.

Buckwalter, H. Douglas, ed. Evangelical Journal . Spring 2018.

David Fitch, “The Benedict Option’s False Dichotomy,” Christianity Today (March 2, 2017)


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