• Shawn Keener

Let It Free Flow

Song, poem or shout, one of the most powerful ways we can express what’s inside of us is through some hybrid of singing and speaking. It’s how we get whatever is inside of us … out. It’s how we share or relate or make known our most thoughtful thoughts and our most felt feelings. This seems to be true regardless of gender, introversion or extroversion, personality, or brokenness. It’s particularly true when the person we’re trying tell ourselves to isn’t right next to us … when we don’t have the benefit of nonverbal cues, of a hug or a good-natured punch, when we can’t see each other or directly hear each other in real time. It’s the method we use when the Bruins just scored a goal or when we just got stomach-sinking news in the hospital waiting room. It’s how we navigate when we feel lost, confused, bored.

The book of Psalms in the Bible is a collection of various people doing this very thing, but directly with God, and long ago. There are all kinds of styles in the book, psalms that cry out in brokenness, or speak poetically in trust, in pleas for forgiveness and mercy, in ecstasy and thankfulness, in reverence, in anger, in love and in hate. All the emotions of human existence spill out on those pages … have you ever thought about writing your own psalm to God, in your own words, simply telling him what’s going on inside you? He already knows what’s going on in there, but writing your own psalm can do amazing things for you. Take a dare. Try it. Let it free flow, let it all out on a good, ole-fashioned piece of paper with a pencil. No one has to ever see it and you can even elect to destroy it right away just to make sure, or you can stash it in a journal too. 


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