• Shawn Keener

High Risk

Which is preferable in our church … slow, gradual, incremental change or drastic, traumatic, high-risk change? I think most people, and most if not all Brookvillers would say the first one. Common sense, learned from the childhood years to adulthood warns us that it is true. And it is true. At least usually. But is it always true? I have some sort of minor muscular issue in my shoulder right now. When I see the orthopedic doc next week, I hope I can convince him not to amputate or do major reconstructive surgery but instead just give me a cortisone shot or prescribe therapy or simply say, “give it time.” But what if I were to have sudden kidney failure and shutdown? Hmmm … suddenly, slow, gradual, incremental change doesn’t seem too attractive anymore, does it? If I went to the kidney doc and she told me, “Now we don’t want to do anything rash. Here, take a few of these. They’ll bring your numbers down a tick.” Yikes! No thanks! This is where we are at Brookville. In fact, this is where we are as a North American church as a whole. The well-meaning and reliably-wise among us caution careful, subtle maneuvers. But sometimes slow and gradual is the true “high-risk,” isn’t it? Sometimes the slow and gradual is a surer death sentence than the drastic and traumatic. The church must change, and she must change fast, and disruptively, … and this is what the Spirit of God is steadily, patiently whispering. Hear me now … not change the gospel, not move from his truth, not toss our history in the trash, ... but move swiftly all the same to show a postchristian and postmodern world Jesus as he really is, who calls them.


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