• Shawn Keener

Giving Up...or Giving In...

Where’s the line between giving up and surrender? Between compromise and acceptance? If God let’s us keep our son, Gabe, until we’re old, I can imagine myself an old man, completely unsurprised, even more than I am now, by his abilities and non-abilities. I will have long since given up wishing he and I could have an in-depth philosophical conversation together. It will have been decades since I last wondered if he might learn some craft requiring fine motor skills. Does this mean that I will have given up, or that I have learned the path of surrender? Will it mean that I have compromised my faith in God’s absolute power to “fix” anything at all, or that I have been perfectly trained in the art of serene acceptance? Will it signify weakness on my part … or strength?

Is the difference between giving up and giving in simply one of recognizing who the ultimate result is for? For example, if we as a church would ever choose to give up on the unique and odd mission he has for Brookville Bible Church, would that show wisdom on our parts for coming around to common sense, or would it show dereliction of duty, capitulation, compromise? But … if we as a church give in on sticking to our guns on Brookville looking like it did in the 80’s and 90’s, with all the humanly obvious signs of success that went along with that period … attendance over 300, membership even higher than that, large budgets, more programs than anyone could count, renown in the greater Boston area, baptisms, conversions, a long list of paid staff, and a veritable buzz of energy … would it show that we have accepted God’s will for today? Would it be giving up or giving in?


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